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​       Implementing the direction of the Provincial People's Committee in Document No. 924/UBND-KGVX dated February 5, 2020 on organizing the isolation of prevention and control of new strains of Corona virus (nCoV), dated 06/02/2020, Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority (DIZA) has issued Document No. 320/KCNĐN-LĐ informing enterprises to organize isolation for prevention and control of epidemic caused by nCoV, some main contents of the document are as follows:

1. Implementing epidemic prevention isolation for cases of entry, including foreigners who come from or pass 31/31 provinces and cities of China within the past 14 days. Specifically:

a) Cases of suspected nCoV infection (with fever, cough ...): Immediately absolute isolation in the isolation area of Dong Nai General Hospital. For children: isolated at Dong Nai Children's Hospital.

b) For immigrants coming from or passing through Hubei Province, China: It’s must be considered as a case of disease and carried out zoning and isolated even without showing any signs of disease.

- For foreigners: isolated at Thong Nhat General Hospital.

- If you are Vietnamese: isolated at Lung Hospital.

c) For other cases: must be isolated at home or accommodation establishments under the strict supervision of functional agencies (medical stations of wards, communes, townships, district centers, cities). Resolutely not allow these cases to leave home or residence and contact with people around. For those living in the family, working in accommodation establishments with isolated people must take preventive measures, minimize contact with the isolated person and the outside.

If the above cases are mentioned above, the enterprise will check and review its employees (foreign workers and Vietnamese workers) immediately contact DIZA (phone number) : 02513.892.307; Internal number: from 261 to 265) or Hotline to receive information on epidemic prevention and control: 0397.378.689 (Doctor Phuc), to coordinate the implementation of necessary measures.

2. Proposing enterprises to organize the prevention and control of epidemics at enterprises as recommended by the authorities (DIZA issued Document No. 304/KCNĐN-LD on February 3, 2020 about increasing strengthening the prevention and control of acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of Corona virus) and coordinating the implementation of timely reporting and information to well control and control epidemics in enterprises. in the industrial zone. Concealing or improper information about epidemics is strictly prohibited.

Posters to propagate about disease prevention 2019-nCoV.​

         In addition, Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority, in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control of Dong Nai Province, has transferred 3,000 posters to enterprises in the industrial parks to propagate about disease prevention​2019-nCoV.​
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