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Thứ 6 - 26/02/2016
Màu đỏ Màu xanh nước biển Màu vàng Màu xanh lá cây

​             On September 5, 2018, Conference of Infrastructure Investment Enterprises in Dong Nai province is held at Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authorities, with attendance of Departments and Agencies, People’s Committee of districts, Infrastructure Investment Enterprises and concerning parties.

At the Conference, some issues currently arise as followings:

- Compensation and site clearance at Amata IZ, Thanh Phu IZ, Tam Phuoc IZ, Bau Xeo IZ, Giang Dien IZ, Song May IZ, Ho Nai IZ, Long Thanh IZ, Nhon Trach I IZ, An Phuoc IZ, ect,… is slowly made; locals in which IZs in difficulty of compensation and site clearance need planning and reporting in detail. This makes effects on perfecting the approved IZs infrastructure mapping and the rest of leased land fund in future as IZ occupancy rate is fairly high.

- Ensuring uniformity of technical infrastructure outside the fences of IZs is slow, for example, way to Ho Nai IZ and connection from Nhon Trach I IZ to Cam Pier have fallen to disrepair, polluted air on way to Long Duc IZ; drainage in Tam Phuoc IZ, Thanh Phu IZ, Tan Phu IZ and Nhon Trach Izs, ect,..

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Via this Conference, Infrastructure Investment Enterprises collaborate with local government to speed up the compensation and site clearance, land withdrawal in suit with the approved planning scheme; making land fund for calling investment together with developing IZ technical infrastructure systems. It is also required to prepare periodically six-month and one-year reports to the Industrial Zones Authority for submitting to the provincial People’s Committee.

Collaborating with Departments and Agencies to check all difficulties regarding with IZs to speed up building drainage and traffic systems outside the fences of IZs to ensure the operation of IZs.

Also via this Conference, to speed up the co-operation between the Industrial Zones Authority and Infrastructure Investment Enterprises and improve the efficiency of the State management toward the business operation in IZs, Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority draws up the collaborating Statute on State management between Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority and Infrastructure Investment Enterprises.

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