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Thứ 6 - 26/02/2016
Màu đỏ Màu xanh nước biển Màu vàng Màu xanh lá cây

​    On August 21, 2020, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment issued Decision No.1855/QĐ-BTNMT on Plan for implementation of Decision No.1746/QĐ-TTg dated December 4, 2019 of Prime Minister on National action plan regarding management of Ocean plastic waste until 2030.

The Plan aims to set out tasks and solutions to meet objectives specified under Decision No. 1746/QD-TTg dated December 4, 2019 taken charge by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; successfully implement functions, tasks and powers of agencies responsible for assisting Prime Minister to organize implementation of the action plan; guide, monitor, examine and expedite implementation of action plan to ensure quality, effectiveness and stay up to progress.

The plan includes the following 05 key contents:

- Publicize, raise awareness and change behavior towards plastic products and ocean plastic waste.

- Collect, classify, process and control plastic waste from the source.

- Cooperate internationally, conduct scientific research, apply, develop and transfer technology regarding disposing ocean plastic waste.

- Review, research and develop ocean plastic waste management mechanism.

- Organize implementation, monitor, examination, supervision and assessment as specified under Decision No. 1746/QD-TTg.

The plan outlines the following main tasks:

- Conduct research, develop and implement media projects regarding damage of disposable products originating from plastics and non-biodegradable nylon to sea, ocean, marine ecosystem, environment and human health.

- Develop and implement media programs regarding ocean plastic waste together with organizing World Environment Day, World Oceans day, Vietnam Sea and Island Week and “For a cleaner world” Strategy.

- Develop and implement project for improving capacity and experience in managing plastic refuse and waste.

- Continue to successfully execute “Say no to disposable plastic products and non-biodegradable nylon bags” movement; promptly commend and award excellent individuals in reducing ocean plastic waste.

- Publicize and promote application of 5R model – Renew, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in service operation, provision and daily routine to reduce, restrict and say no to plastic waste in entities, organizations, managing agencies and enterprises in coastal and ocean economic sectors; and inhabitants in coastal areas, etc.

- Develop and implement activities and movement regarding green start-up and ideas for recycling, reusing plastic waste, using environmental friendly materials to promote sustainable economy and green growth.

The task groups to focus on:

- Organize waste collection campaigns and clean national beaches at least twice each year on the basis of determining order of priority and appropriate roadmap for implementation.

- Investigate, list, classify and assess sources of plastic waste from land to sea and activities on sea and islands.

- Propose and cooperate with coastal provinces to develop and implement pilot model of classifying waste and plastic waste at sources in coastal economic zones, urban areas, industrial parks and export-processing zones.

- Examine and supervise implementation of regulations on collecting and disposing plastic waste generated by sea economic activities, especially in islands with good potential for development of sea tourism, services and biodiversity that are within 12 island districts and populated structures at sea.

-  Investigate, list, classify and assess plastic waste sources from land, activities on sea and islands, integrate with general measures and solutions for managing river vicinity, coastal urban areas, estuaries; enhance control and management of releasing waste into water sources.

- Promote development, approval and implementation of Plastic waste management enhancing scheme in Vietnam.

* For an effective “Anti plastic waste”  movement, in the coming time, businesses in the industrial park need to continue implementing specific and drastic activities to minimize plastic waste pollution such as:

-  Do not use disposable plastic products.

- Promote emulation movements for recycling and reusing plastic waste in enterprises, thereby improving employees' understanding of the value of plastic waste for life.

- Strengthen the publicity activities to raise awareness about the harmful effects and risks of plastic pollution on the natural environment and employees./.

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