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Thứ 6 - 26/02/2016
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Implementing the direction of the Dongnai Provincial People's Committee in Document No. 4610/UBND-KTN dated May 4th 2021 on the implementation of early response solutions to adverse impacts when the weather changes from the dry season to the rainy season on May 31st in 2021, the Dongnai Industrial Zones Authority has issued Document No. 1739/KCNDN-MT, which requires the industrial zone infrastructure companies and enterprises in the industrial zones in the province to do some of the following:

1. For the enterprises:

- Cleaning all yards, manholes and rainwater drainage routes of enterprises, especially enterprises producing animal and poultry feed, producing building materials; using coal and enterprises containing raw materials and products outdoors.

- Collecting and treating all kinds of waste (wastewater, solid waste) during the cleaning process in accordance with regulations.

2. For the industrial zone infrastructure companies:

- Regularly and continuously operating the centralized wastewater treatment plant to ensure that wastewater generated from industrial zones always meets the prescribed standards. In case of an incident, it is necessary to take timely measures to prevent wastewater from being discharged into the environment and report it immediately to a competent state management agency for coordination in handling.

- Supervising and urging the enterprises in the industrial zones to implement environmental protection measures in accordance with regulations.

- Cleaning the manholes of the industrial zone, collecting and treating all kinds of waste (wastewater, solid waste) during the cleaning process in accordance with regulations.

- Monitoring wastewater sources of enterprises in industrial zones is the strictest in Bien Hoa industrial zones (related to Dong Nai river), Dinh Quan industrial zone (related to La Nga river), and industrial zones in Nhon Trach district.

- Quickly deploying the construction of an incident lake as prescribed in Clause 19, Article 3 of the Government's Decree No. 40/2019/ND-CP dated May 13 2019 in order to limit the impact of industrial wastewater on water  surface resources.

The content of the document No. 1739/KCNDN-MT dated May 31, 2021 of Dongnai Industrial Zones Authority can be viewed here 1739. tang cuong kiem soat mua mua.pdf1739. tang cuong kiem soat mua mua.pdf.​


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