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Thứ 6 - 26/02/2016
Màu đỏ Màu xanh nước biển Màu vàng Màu xanh lá cây

O​n the morning of November 9, 2023, the Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority (DIZA) held a ceremony to award Investment Registration Certificates for 04 FDI projects at the DIZA headquarters. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang - Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee and leaders of several local departments participated.

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​Firstly, Tietex Vietnam Factory project aims to produce shoe linings with a registered investment capital of USD4 million by TIETEX CAPITAL AG (Liechtenstein), an enterprise belonging to TIETEX INTERNATIONAL Group (America) implemented. Corporation specializes in the production of nonwoven fabrics, developing products for the global market and various applications such as automotive floor linings, roofing sheets, sports shoe linings, fireproof materials, cushions, medical supplies, and many other products with 03 factories in the United States, Thailand, and Liechtenstein.

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Next is Jiawei Technology Factory (Vietnam) project produces all kinds of lights and lighting parts with a total registered investment capital of USD5.5 million with the Project Investor being JIAWEI SMART LIGHTING (HK) LIMITED - an enterprise having been operational in China (Hong Kong). This is the leading supplier of solar energy and LED lighting products for major European and American brands such as Wal-Mart, Costco, Ace and other globally large retail groups with a system of subsidiaries, warehouses and logistics centers in Hong Kong, North America, Europe...

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The third project is MTC Technology Factory (Vietnam) carries out a goal of producing routers, digital signal converters, LED lighting, and televisions; invested by ZHAOCHI HONGKONG LIMITED - a Chinese (Hong Kong) enterprise with a total registered investment capital of USD24 million. The investor belongs to an enterprise in the top 3 brands of television and LED product manufacturing in the world, specializing in manufacturing and processing high-tech electronic products and is a leading outsourcing enterprise, providing products for such famous brands us Sharp, LG, Panasonic...; using the most advanced manufacturing technology and most advanced AI technology designed by Shenzhen MTC, bringing increasingly better entertainment experiences to users.

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Three of the above projects rented factories from an enterprise belonging to BW Industrial Development Joint Stock Company in Nhon Trach II - Loc Khang Industrial Park, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province. BW is an industrial and new economy real estate developer co-founded by Warburg Pincus and Becamex IDC with a prime land fund of 8.50 million m2 in 40 projects located in 28 strategic economic locations throughout the country water.
​The fourth project is DNY Plastic Factory rel​ease factory of Long Duc Investment Company Limited in Long Duc Industrial Park, Long Thanh district to produce details, components, and electrical equipment with a total registered investment capital of USD4 million. This is the first project in Vietnam of YAMASHIRO INDUSTRY CO., LTD. - a Japanese enterprise which is a joint venture enterprise with Tamura Koma Group to supply and produce products for large customers in the home appliance industry such as manufacturing vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, refrigerators, and air conditioning.
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Representatives of investors expressed their thoughts when being awarded the Investment Registration Certificate, Mr. Lan Yan Yuan - General Director of MTC Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd, said that China and Vietnam are two countries friendly neighbors, with extensive cooperation in the fields of economics, trade and culture. Investors trust and choose to invest in a manufacturing factory in Nhon Trach II - Loc Khang Industrial Park is an important milestone in the development of businesses in Vietnam and a new starting point for the Group's cooperation delegation with the Dong Nai - Vietnam government, further strengthening economic and trade cooperation, promoting bilateral development.
Expressing at the ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang, Vice Chairwoman of Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee was very excited when the projects awarded Investment Registration Certificates today which were all projects in the field of high-tech/ supporting industry products with advanced production with an important meaning for local economic restructuring towards industrialization and modernization, helping to improve labor productivity and competitiveness...

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