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Thứ 6 - 26/02/2016
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1. Implement periodic labor reports

1.1 Form and reporting time:

- Forms: Enterprises make reports on labor use situation and send them to the Management Board including the following forms: Form 1 (Report on labor use situation); Form 2 (Report on the establishment of Trade Unions, development of Rules, Agreements, Salary Scale and Housing for employees);

These reporting forms have been posted on the Management Board website (http://diza.dongnai.gov.vn - Report Forms - Statistics), businesses make reports in paper documents according to the form.

Form 1-Configuration of labor usage

Form 2-Legal regulations, legal regulations

- Reporting period: from November 30, 2022 to November 29, 2023.

- Reporting submission deadline: before December 10, 2023

1.2 Enter the report form on the link system:

As for form No. 2, businesses are requested to do the following:

- Step 1: Make a paper report, sign and stamp the business owner and scan the pdf file.

- Step 2: Access the website http://diza.dongnai.gov.vn -> Report form - Statistics à Report on the establishment of Trade Unions, development of Rules, Agreements, Salary Scale and Housing Housing for workers (make form according to link) à Link to report and enter data according to instructions.

* Link to download report form: https://forms.gle/hZxR2RTtSVp6ytPX8

* QR code:

Mau 2 - QR Code.pn​g

- Step 3: Attach the pdf file of step 1 to the link according to the instructions.

1.3 Report forms on occupational safety and hygiene and the use of foreign workers:

To properly comply with relevant legal regulations and facilitate the monitoring and management of local specialized agencies, concerning reporting forms on occupational safety and hygiene, labor safety and health conditions. Types of foreign labor use include:

- Summary report on the situation of occupational accidents according to Appendix XII, Decree 39/2016/ND-CP of the Government;

- Summary report on occupational safety and hygiene according to Appendix III of Circular 07/2016/TT-BLDTBXH of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs;

- Report on the situation of using foreign workers according to Form No. 07/PLI, Decree 152/2020/ND-CP of the Government.

It is recommended that businesses carry out and send reports to:

Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Dong Nai province

No. 207, Ha Huy Giap, Quyet Thang Ward, City. Bien Hoa, Dong Nai province

Phone: 02513-941320 (Department of Employment Policy and Labor Safety)

1.4 Note to businesses:

Enterprises in the industrial park must fully implement all reporting forms and send them to the correct agencies receiving the reporting forms according to the instructions above. In case the enterprise does not have information related to the content of the Report Form, it can still report according to regulations and note "none".​

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